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Pasture-Raised Pork



O'Brien's Family Farm


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How We Sell

O'Brien's Family Farm sells pigs "on the hoof". The farm is prohibited by law from selling cuts or small portions of pork directly to the public. Live animals by the whole or half are for sale. The farm raises your pig, takes care of the slaughter (done in the field by a professional--quick, efficient, and humane), and delivers the butchered hog to Jerry's Custom Meats in Central Point or The Butcher Shop in Eagle Point or Southern Oregon Fine Meats in Medford. There your animal is custom cut, seasoned, cured, smoked, and wrapped to your specifications. You will be notified when your fresh-frozen meat is ready for pick-up.

Pricing Information

Depending on the time of year, cost of the pig from the farm is $3.50 per pound.

Total cost EXAMPLE for 175lb. hanging weight

bullet  $3.50 per pound to the Farm          $612.50
bullet  Jerry's Cut/Wrap                             $105.00
bullet  Jerry's Curing and Smoke               $ 46.00
bullet  Total cost of final product             $763.50

Total weight received back from butcher is approximately 75% of hanging weight = 131 lbs. These numbers vary with the size of the pig and are here for the purpose of helping you figure out what works for you and your family.

Our pigs are organically fed, free range, hormone and antibiotic free. This is the best of locally grown pork!

Half pigs and whole pigs may be purchased. Call us for availability of 25 pound packs.

Keep In Mind

When considering the purchase of a whole or half pig from O'Brien's Family Farm, a $300 deposit for whole pigs and $150 deposit for half pigs is required. Pasture raised pigs vary in size. They are not the "cookie -cutter" variety of industrial pork. Hanging weight is the amount the pig weighs when it arrives at Jerry's Custom Meats or The Butcher Shop or Southern Oregon Fine Meats. This is after the head and internal organs are removed. You pay the farm a price per pound for the hanging weight of the hog. Cut and wrap weight is the quantity of actual meat that you receive to put in your freezer. It is about 25% less than the hanging weight. Our pigs range from 170 to 250 pounds hanging weight. Jerry's Custom Meats or The Butcher Shop or Southern Oregon Fine Meats will review cut options with you to clarify your custom needs.

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