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free range pasture raised pork

Pigs in the Pasture

Heritage breed pigs and heritage cross breed pigs love the pastured, free range life! The complexity, creaminess and depth of flavor in our farm grown pork is unrivalled. The clean and healthy environment that the pigs grow in optimizes the meat quality and flavor. These slow grown pigs are raised with organic practices, given organic feed to supplement their grazing, and eat an abundance of black and English walnuts right under the trees. Our pigs are raised outdoors in the fresh air and sunshine of Southern Oregon for an unforgettable, old-fashioned sweet meat flavor.

Heritage Pig BreedsOrganic Fed Pigs

O'Brien's Family Farm grows a variety of pigs: Tamworths, Duroc, Hampshire/Duroc Cross, and Berkshires to name a few. The Tamworth is originally from Ireland and is well known for its quality bacon and flavor. Durocs are a robust and firm meat breed. They have a darker meat and marbling quality. Berkshires are highly desired by chefs for their complex meat flavors and solid, dense meat. Whatever breed of pig we are raising, they are free to run, roam, root, wallow in the mud, and lay in the sun!

Keep in Mind

When buying meat from a local farm, the animal that you are purchasing is nothing like the commercially raised meat you find in the supermarkets. Pork that is raised naturally and humanely is better for you. It is richer in omega oils, Vitamin A and Vitamin E than industrial raised pork and that makes it healthier, tastier and more enjoyable for you to eat. Pasture raised pork also vary in size and are not the cookie-cutter variety. Pigs will have a range in hanging weight between 170 lbs. to 250 lbs.

bullet  Field weight is how much the pig weighs in the pasture.
bullet  Hanging weight is the amount the pig weighs when it arrives at the butcher shop.
bullet  Cut and wrap weight is the quantity of actual meat you will put in your freezer.

How We Sell Pork

hormone and antibiotic free pigs

O'Brien's Family Farm sells pigs "on the hoof". Live animals by the whole or half are for sale. The farm raises your pig and takes care of the slaughter. The slaughter is done in the field by a professional - quick, efficient, and humane. The butchered hog is then delivered to Jerry's Custom Meats in Central Point, Oregon or The Butcher Shop in Eagle Point, Oregon or Southern Oregon Fine Meats in Medford Oregon. There your animal is custom cut, seasoned, cured, smoked, and wrapped to your specifications. We use Jerry's Custom Meats,The Butcher Shop and Southern Oregon Fine Meats because they do things the old fashioned way: high quality, personal service, and old time curing, smoking and seasoning recipes. You can also have your meats cured without the use of nitrates (if you request that), left as whole sides of bacon, or individually vacuum sealed. Each order is customized to your specific needs. You are notified when your fresh-frozen meat is ready for pick-up.

The Rest of the Story!

bullet  Reserving your pasture-raised, heritage pig is easy.
bullet  Simply call or email O'Brien's Family Farm.
bullet  You will need to know if you want half a pig or a whole pig.
bullet  A nonrefundable deposit is collected at the time of reserving to guarantee your pig.

You will be given the approximate date your pig will be ready or the next available litter of pigs that will be raised. We will also be able to give you information on the breed of pig being raised for you at this time if you desire.
Other Farm Treats!
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O'Brien's Family Farm also has seasonal produce, fruits, and walnuts available. Ask about our berries, farm fresh eggs, and beautiful sunflowers! Call for availability.

Buy locally and support your community farmer. You will taste the difference!


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